Boyd’s has developed a reputation for providing excellence in the Restoration and Conservation of Historic Buildings, both commercial and residential.
Historical Restoration is a very specific skillset we possess, and it incorporates old and new roofing techniques to preserve a dated building.

We consider it a way to protect and safeguard the existence and appearance of the historical elements of not only a building – but an entire community.


Before we can get to work, it is important to do proper discovery and game planning to ensure the best options are presented to our customers.

Not only do we restore historic buildings back to their former glory, but we also advise you on the proper steps needed to get your historic building back to updated building codes.

In such cases, we highlight alternative options to maintain the building, taking an approach of minimal intervention, if possible, to preserve the historical integrity of the site.

As experts in historic restoration, we employ traditional methods to historic restoration projects – with experienced craftsmen to clean, repair, paint, replace, and restore your building so that it lasts for generations to come.

We boldly claim ourselves as one of the finest historic contractors – with the most skilled and knowledgeable craftsman in this field.


Work can be readily undertaken anywhere in Texas and includes restoration and updating of churches, abbeys and cathedrals, stately homes, large commercial apartments and in fact any building that needs updating or preserving.

We consider ourselves consultants in this area and will give detailed advice on the viability of your proposed restoration work. All you have to do is get in touch with us!