As a licensed contractor, we specialize in solar energy solutions across Texas.


Our expert team is dedicated to delivering energy efficient solutions for your residential or commercial project, and our solid reputation is proven by superior quality solar products and workmanship.

Here in Texas, the sunshine is abundant – so we can help you leap into the sustainable age of clean energy. We’ve harnessed the power of the sun for many clients in the residential, commercial, private, and public sectors – making us a reliable and reputable solar integrator.

If you want the most modern and powerful solar panels, we can provide the highest wattage for your commercial project. Plus, our solar service is designed to blend harmoniously into your roof – delivering a sleek and premium aesthetic to accommodate a variety of commercial and residential building styles.


Our knowledge as it pertains to energy efficiency, as well as renewable and green energy, helps us to deliver the best combined expertise guiding our clients towards energy independence.

For homebuilders, homeowners, businesses, and governmental customers alike – we represent the first choice for the future of solar energy.

While people and their energy systems can be unreliable, solar power has one main advantage: the sun. It’s not subject to manmade error.

That’s why on top of reducing your carbon footprint, switching to solar energy is the smart choice for peace-of-mind – offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Our clients range from residential property owners to commercial business owners, large and small. While they all have different needs and budgets, they have one objective in common: to reduce energy consumption and make the world an eco-friendlier place.

Benefit from


Maximize your solar efficiency with the highest quality solar panels.


Boyd’s offers quality workmanship from our licensed crews and project managers.


All of our installs come with workmanship guarantee – that’s guaranteed peace-of-mind.
We look forward to discussing how we can make energy independence a part of your future.