If your residence or business is in need of roof system maintenance, repairs or replacement, Boyd’s has got you covered.

From asphalt shingles, to tile and metal roofs – there’s no type of roof we can’t repair or replace.

The saying “it’s what’s inside that counts” could not be more important in the anatomy of a roof. This is especially true in Texas, where the weather can be unpredictable and intense.

Questions like “How do I protect my roof against hail damage?” and “When is it time to upgrade my roof?” are understandable.

We understand that there are many layers to properly installing and maintaining your roof so it can stand up to the elements – Boyd’s of Texas is here to ensure this process and answer any questions you have along the way.


For home owners – any small cracks or issues in your roof tiles can certainly expose your entire roofing system to the elements – inflicting structural damage that can take months or years before it becomes visible to you.

For business owners – a leaking roof can quickly go from being a cosmetic issue and a simple annoyance, to a much larger issue. We’ve seen the damage to business property caused by water seeping into the building.

At Boyd’s, we’ve created a process to ensure that your roof is built to last. Longevity and protection are the name of the game, so you can enjoy a robust new roof that lasts for years to come.


Our expert team of roofers use every tool in our arsenal to ensure that you are getting the best quality roofing system – no matter the season.


No matter the extent of your roofing project, we make sure that the style of your property is never sacrificed. It’s why we specialize in the construction of roofs and complex weather resistant barrier systems that are structurally sound and align with each home’s aesthetic features.